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We are a lively welcoming church where on Sunday mornings all ages gather together for worship. The main service involves a time of worship, prayer and the reading of Scripture followed by a sermon.


We occasionally have Messy Church family services for all ages to experience a different type of church service. This is a good service to check out if you're not used to coming to church and want something a bit different to a traditional service.






On Sunday evenings we gather for worship. At these evening services there is usually more time available for sharing experiences and insights with one another than in the morning services. The evening services are generally a bit quieter and more reflective, and afterwards most of us stay for a cup of tea or coffee.

In the evening services we usually have a short sermon, lasting ten to fifteen minutes, followed by an opportunity to ask questions, make comments and explore the theme together through discussion.

We also occasionally have evenings when, alongside prayer, worship and the reading of Scripture we watch and discuss a DVD on a Christian theme.

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